Contact lenses are a convenient and affordable alternative to glasses. Thanks to technological advances, they are now more comfortable than ever. Our contact lenses will suit your lifestyle.


Choose from: daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable lenses; extended wear lenses with which you can sleep; progressive lenses with monthly disposals; daily or monthly disposable toric lenses, fit for astigmatic lenses, and even colors to change the look.

  • With contact lenses the field of vision is not impaired as in the case of glasses.
  • Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses do not cause a blurred optical definition in the periphery.
  • The thicker your eyeglasses, the more the image will be blurred at the edges.
  • Contact lenses allow you to move without difficulty (for example: during sports) without eyeglasses slipping from your nose.


  • Forget the worry and hassle of losing or breaking your mount
  • Greater freedom when making your favorite sports
  • Use Sunglasses you prefer without having to choose a suitable type of glass panels that need a larger field of view