What is Orthokeratology?

Is revolutionary non-surgical treatment that eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day. This works gently molding your eyes while you sleep , using a specially designed therapeutic lens . Just insert these special glasses at bedtime and wake up enjoy a crisp and clear vision during the hours you are awake. This safe and effective treatment can correct near-sightedness (including high prescriptions), farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (blurred near vision). It is a great alternative to LASIK for those who don’t want the risk or are not ready for surgery.

How it works?

When a person cannot see clearly, because the eye is too long, too short or the anterior surface is deformed, preventing the image to focus on the retina. This phenomenon causes blurred or distorted vision. In order to create a therapeutic lens, a map of the anterior surface of the eye is built with a high-tech instrument called Topographer. This allows the doctor to design a specific lens for your eye to uniquely correct your visual problem. This lens or mold is manufactured using high speed turning computerized techniques and is constructed out of materials with high oxygen permeability to allow more oxygen into your eye at night. This lens has several specialized curves that shape the cornea, the front of the eye. The tear film on the cornea flows continually aiding in mold process. The new form that the cornea has acquired, can now focus directly on the retina resulting in a clear picture to wake up and remove the lens.

What other names it receives?

The Orthokeratology was used for more than forty years in order to correct myopia. Because the procedure has markedly benefited by the latest technology, it has acquired different names for it. Between these we could mention Ortho- K, Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), Orthokeratology. So, do not be confused when you hear these many terms; they all refer to corneal molding with a therapeutic lens used at night,for you to see during the day without glasses or contact lenses .

How long does it take?

It can take from one to several weeks in order to obtain an excellent view; however, some patients may achieve excellent view on the first day. This speed depends, among other things, on the initial prescription. During the first days of treatment, while the cornea is shaped, your doctor may provide you with contact lenses while your vision gets excellent.

Is it safe?

Ortho- K is a safe and reversible process. This was approved by the FDA in 2002, however, as with the use of contact lenses, there is a small risk of minor infections, usually treatable with antibiotics. This risk is minimized by careful cleaning and sterilization system and of course as directed by your doctor.

Ortho- K and children?

The number of children who become myopic has grown rapidly in the past 25 years and is expected that by 2020 it will affect 50% of the population. This rapid increase is due among other things, that children spend more time studying using the computer and electronic games; increasingly playing less outdoors. The Center for Disease Control considers myopia today as an epidemic. Increasing Nearsightedness results in blurred vision, but more importantly, can degenerate in conditions that endanger vision as glaucoma retinal detachment. The earlier a child develops myopia the more likely it is to progress to dangerously high levels. What can we do to stop this epidemic? Recent studies show that Ortho-K can stop myopia. Numerous published studies have documented that children using Ortho- K lenses experience little or no increase in myopia. The Orthokeratology is great for children because they are highly motivated, and they learn to handle them with speed and skill from very young, even in some cases at age five. The lenses are placed just before going to sleep so the feeling of these disappear as soon as they close their eyes. This way the kids are not afraid of their lenses and you are assured that you are protecting the future of their vision.